Music. It is one of the greatest joys in life. It expresses our inner being and transcends language. It is the first bridge between cultures. Music is essential to happiness by providing an outlet for cultural expression in a way that has an immediate, visceral impact and, perhaps more importantly, gives relief from the hardship and stress of daily living.

However, here we often take for granted or are unaware of what it takes to actually make the music we love. Equipment and supplies, especially instrument strings, are impossible to obtain or completely out of reach to musicians in parts of the world due to poverty or political strife.

Cuerdas sin Fronteras (“Strings without Borders”) was founded by music professionals to address this need and get supplies to musicians in these areas so they can continue to enrich lives and make a living. We work directly with string manufacturers and music retailers to obtain strings for many instruments and orchestras, as well as other supplies such as reeds, valve oils, cork grease, mouth pieces, straps, tuners and any other gear we can get our hands on.

Education is a priority to CsF because young people are the performers and composers of tomorrow. We are working with established schools and orchestras as well as musicians performing in the streets, cafes and nightclubs. CsF transports and distributes the supplies directly to the institutions and performers in country. Since we obtain our product donations from the music manufacturers themselves, your generous donation will go directly towards operation costs of bringing these supplies into these countries.